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Creme Cleanser

Creme Cleanser

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A nourishing, creamy, rinse or wipe off cleanser that gives a deep gentle cleanse and conditions the skin with cucumber oil and the powerful antioxidant anti-aging & anti-bacterial grape seed oil. Your skin will feel decongested, soft, and bright. Suitable for removal of eye makeup.

This cleanser is a must if you wear foundation and is very effective cleanser when used in conjunction with our muslin cloths, which give a light exfoliation as it wipes away all the daily grime and make-up.

BB Creme Cleanser continues to be  our best-selling product.

Tips for use:  Cleanse morning and night.  Pump into moistened fingers and massage onto dry skin in upward circular movements.  Add water and emulsify to a light creme. This will allow the creme cleanser to melt into pores, lifting all traces of daily grime and makeup.   Rinse off or wipe away with our muslin cloth. Gentle enough for the eye area.

Bridget suggests: For best skin care results incorporate exfoliation into your regime with our polishing powder. Use 2 to 3 times a week with your cleanser to remove dead skin cells.  The result is clear, bright, smooth, calm skin.

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A note from Bridget:

Every product is crafted artisan-style by me. With a blend of expertise and dedication, I infuse each formulation with the utmost care, ensuring that your skin receives the love it deserves. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for BB; it's a way of life. I meticulously consider every ingredient, every process, to uphold our commitment to the planet.

My supply chain integrity is non-negotiable, guaranteeing transparency from source to shelf. And rest assured, behind every bottle lies credible research, validating BB formulations for efficacy and safety, backed by science and crafted with heart.