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bridget black

Skincare Essentials Starter Set

Skincare Essentials Starter Set

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The skin care starter set is a great way to experience the essential collection of our bridget black™ blessed skin care products that will lead to great, noticeable results.

All beautifully packaged, ideal for traveling, and encased in a clear capsule.   So if you’re after skin that is truly blessed, we’ve got the perfect range for you.

Essential skin care starter set for normal to dry skin:

  • crème cleanser 250ml
  • spritzer for normal to dry skin 100ml
  • protective moisturiser 100ml or multiactive skin repair
  • muslin cloth

Other combinations also available. Please contact us by emailing if you would like to create your own combination.

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A note from Bridget:

Every product is crafted artisan-style by me. With a blend of expertise and dedication, I infuse each formulation with the utmost care, ensuring that your skin receives the love it deserves. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for BB; it's a way of life. I meticulously consider every ingredient, every process, to uphold our commitment to the planet.

My supply chain integrity is non-negotiable, guaranteeing transparency from source to shelf. And rest assured, behind every bottle lies credible research, validating BB formulations for efficacy and safety, backed by science and crafted with heart.